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ARCHITECT@WORK 2018 editions in Italy: Rome passes the baton to Milan

23 October 2018

The third edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Rome is only just over, but preparation is already under way for the second edition in Italy: Milan, 14th and 15th November in the beautiful setting of MiCo di Mario Bellini.

Light is a constant theme at the two days of the event in Italy, and is narrated through a series of four afternoon seminars (for which training credits are awarded), with several theme-based exhibitions that focus on the relationship between light, materials, architecture, photography and public and private spaces.

The interpreter of this relationship is the end user who as well as being a potential visitor at the event - which in a broad sense is dedicated to architects and designers - experiences the spaces specifically and appreciates their sensory qualities, which not only relate to aesthetics, but also to much more complex ideas.

Light, as shown in the immersive Light Boxes designed by APIL for ARCHITECT@WORK, plays a very powerful design role. If properly calibrated, it can add value to architecture, thus defining unexpected spaces and visuals.

The central themes of the various exhibiting companies are the multiple functionality of elements of the innovative products presented in Rome and the flexibility of their use in different settings of the exhibition, along with eco-sustainability (with particular reference to recycled and infinitely recyclable materials), warm and enveloping colours borrowed from the fashion industry, and textures that are calibrated to generate positive sensations when touched or seen.

Finally, large spaces with an influence are capable of generating an enhanced value for individual elements. Light, colour, modularity and technology combine to define flexible design solutions that adapt to fluid settings, where different functions relating to design, living and sharing connect together as one.

ARCHITECT@WORK waits for you in Milan on the 14th and 15th November 2018, from 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Free admission for professionals upon registration on

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