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3 - 4 November 2021

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Outdoor home_15 routines of closeness and instant beauty (between the city and people - between past and present)

Arch. Christophe Cazzulini, Carolina Medici e Angelica Tortora - Studio Pare

During the lockdown we saw an accentuation, in Italy, of the distance between private and public space, between what is inside the house and what is outside. Immediately we looked at the domestic urban neighbourhood space, suddenly inaccessible, in its true nature as a device of equality within the city.

The urban condition of the neighbourhood, albeit with obvious difficulties, has shown its potential in configuring itself as an autonomous cell of everyday life, asking questions about its physical limits, and offering interesting food for thought with respect to the type of city we would like to inhabit.

Within the Adaptation Strategies introduced by the Municipality of Milan in response to the lockdown period, we identified the scenario of the "city that can be reached in 15 minutes on foot"; we imagined that we could deepen the possible ways of implementing this strategy through the study of similar experiences gained in Europe and globally in this century and in the past, through the search for possible urban models of reference and comparison, and through an imagery of possible spaces to be made available to the neighbourhood.

Let us consider the quality of such a paradigm not only in terms of guaranteeing access to primary services, but also in terms of experiences accompanying the space: spaces given to the city, accessories with respect to primary services, but of equal importance in the construction of a home that finds its home both inside and outside, and that has always existed in the memory and collective consciousness of urban space.

The focus of our reflection is not on services, but on the system of paths and spaces "between" the services, the idea is that this system develops on a series of corollary and de-functionalised, free places dedicated to the city, and that these are part of the wealth of living.


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