MiCo - Milano Congressi
29 - 30 November 2017

2016 Features

EXHIBIT Re-generation wood curated by MATREC

Wood has always been a widely used material in the architecture and design sector because of its diverse characteristics, features and properties.

Over the years, the indiscriminate use of this material has led to the demolition of entire forests and resulted in damage to natural ecosystems. The focus on sustainability and the introduction of increasingly stringent international environmental standards have gradually steered the market towards a more controlled use of resources, including wood. This has led to increased protection and "regeneration" of materials.

Nowadays, companies, planners and designers are evidently making more sustainable, and environmentally and socially informed design choices. They are also pursuing a choice of materials that enhances the value of products and the lifecycle of materials and encourages the development of the "circular economy."

In this context, wood is a material that must be protected and its regeneration is the key objective in ensuring the continuity of its use and enhancing the value of our natural resources.

The aim of the RE-GENERATION WOOD exhibition is to address the issue of wood regeneration, presenting material solutions which in terms of management, processing and application, promote the environmental sustainability of the material.

Some examples of semi-finished wood will be on display, demonstrating the essential requirements of sustainability with regard to origin and end of life, thereby providing an overview of the sector to companies, architects and designers.

The main objective of this project is to engage visitors and make them aware of the importance of wood as a renewable resource in design choices, exploring both wood as a raw material, and the use of recycled wood as a design solution.

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