MiCo - Milano Congressi
14 - 15 November 2018

2017 Features and seminars

Arch. Sandro Rossi – Studio Rossi Vielmi

The new Darsena of Milan - 4 CFP

During the definition of the project, it has gone through phases and through a process. It is the construction, in fragments, of a public place in the contemporary city. The city and the water: technical construction and representation of the city’s territorial nature. Urban identity and contemporaneity are its values. Architecture or, in this case, an urban space, is a ‘place’ for measures that are established through the elements that are specific, present and which resonate through its buildings. The Darsena buildings have a long and complex relationship with water. Their reason for being is understood as their being a separate and detached place, and reside in the unique period they express: natural time with a slow flow of the materials that compose for the fish, ducks and vegetation that the water carries; a rhythmic and artificial time, related to the modes of change during the seasons, the dry periods and the maintenance of an irrational territory extending far beyond the administrative boundaries of the city.

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