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3 - 4 November 2021

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Rice for architecture

Arch. Tiziana Monterisi - Coltivare la città

Ricehouse is a reality focused on the transformation of waste from rice production into building and construction materials. By integrating the collaboration between different realities already present on the market, it acts as a focal point of the supply chain, making possible the marketing of new materials and integrated systems for building and construction. About 70% of the rice plant is nourishment, the remaining 30% is waste material, i.e. a potential that "remains in the field". Starting from rice straw, we have industrialised a manufacturing process of wood and pre-compressed straw frames in order to create prefabricated straw buildings with very high energy performance. The by-products of rice processing, on the other hand, are used to create a line of screeds, plasters, lime and clay based finishes and high compression panels. The final intent is to propose, through the use of these materials and the "RISORSA" brand, the realization of passive "Rice Houses". These do not require heating systems, they are ecological, give comfort and healthiness and are designed by exploiting agricultural waste and minimizing waste production and environmental impact.


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